The two co-founders of this startup created a new way to get your caffeine fix: an all-natural bar with a cup of coffee in it. They needed a name, logo, tagline and packaging for their new food brand.

What We Did

  • Brand exploration
  • Company and product line logos
  • Primary packaging design
  • Ingredient photography
  • Direction of secondary and tertiary packaging design


With this packaging they were able to:

  • Raise $3 million in funding
  • Sell over 1,000,000 CoffeeBars
  • Expand their line to include 3 new flavors
  • Sell CoffeeBars in 48 states

Mockup of the final wrapper design. We wanted the bar to feel natural—to highlight the simple whole ingredients used—as well as energetic because there is a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in each bar.


Photos of CoffeeBars in the wild!


CoffeeBar’s brand elements. The “Eat Your Coffee” stamp functions as the company tagline; the CoffeeBar wordmark identifies the product line; color is used to differentiate flavors.


“Laura was amazing to work with every step of the way. She’s extremely creative, fun to work with, and met deadlines to turn out some amazing work that we couldn’t have been happier with.”

Johnny Fayad, CEO and Co-founder of Eat Your Coffee

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