James McNamara

James is a freelance full-stack developer based in San Francisco. We designed his portfolio website and business card to reflect his interest in computer science, the Y Combinator equation (he has a tattoo of it) and kindhearted personality.

What We Did

  • Branding (colors, typeface)
  • Website design
  • Business card design

Design and hover interactions of James’ website home page. He has a tattoo of the Y-Combinator on his arm and wanted to include a presentation about why he loves it so much (“See Y” link), so we featured it in the design of the site.


His portfolio archive page showing all of his projects. You can sort by type of project (i.e. academic, client) or specific language/framework (i.e. React, Swift).


Business card design that matches his site.


“Loco Studio took the raw material of my personality and ideas of how I wanted my company to feel and created a face for it that I was beyond proud of. They made me the belle of the ball.”

James McNamara

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