A creative team that...

  • Gets super excited about work
  • Understands business realities (deadlines, limited resources, balancing priorities)
  • Is dedicated to learning new things
  • Works well in a team, with other freelancers, or independently

Laura Marelic


Laura recently co-founded Cookin where she was the Head of Product and Creative. She graduated from Northeastern University with a BFA in Graphic Design and minors in Computer Science and Photography. While at NU, she founded a design agency called Scout. For that work she was named one of BetaBoston’s Most Innovative 25 Under 25. Her first job was a designer on HubSpot’s product marketing team. Her happy place is in her sketchbook, figuring out a user flow or logo.

Connor Russo


Connor co-founded Cookin, an app that helps people cook. He graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Business Management, where he received the Hobart award for his academic record and professional promise in management. He was the first COO of Scout, and was responsible for creating their organizational structure. Before that, he worked in IT for 3 years. Connor brings a critical business and marketing eye to design projects and is responsible for coding Laura’s designs.