Texture Technologies

Texture Technologies is the industry leader in texture analyzing equipment whose customers include NASA, Starbucks, and Kraft.

They wanted to modernize their digital presence and capture more inbound leads. Since their website had so many pages and stakeholders, we began the redesign by auditing the content, interviewing the team and customers, and researching the competition. 

What We Did

  • Interviewed 25+ stakeholders to begin design
  • Designed templates for their 50+ page site, including two blogs
  • Event collateral design

TTC’s website has over 50 pages, so one of the first things we did was organize this wealth of information into a comprehensive and organized site navigation.


Final design mockup of the site homepage. It’s primary goal is to move site visitors to the TA.XTPlus page as it is their most popular instrument.

From user interviews, we learned one of TTC’s biggest selling points is the expertise of its team members, so we emphasized that point throughout the site with quotes and links to support pages.


Other pages from TTC’s website. The Overview of Texture Profile Analysis page ranks #1 in Google search results for texture analysis.