About Us

Laura (Lo) and Connor (Co) have spent the last six years building and marketing internet things together. Laura designs. Connor codes. They edit each other's work.

Loco Studio is a way for Laura and Connor to solve business problems, make stuff, and help people. It's just two of them. But as scrappy startup people, they like to wear a lot of hats. The goal is to learn deeply about each client and leverage those lessons to start a business in the sustainability space. The two have recently moved from Berlin to Philadelphia.

Fancy Accomplishments

Worked with Apple on an Apple Watch campaign

Built a landing page for Chelsea Handler

Laura was 25 Under 25 in Boston for building Scout

Connor's a Northeastern Hobart Scholar in Management (whatever that means)

Tech Stack (so far)

Front End: React, Next.js, Gatsby, HTML/CSS

Back End: Graphql, Serverless, Prisma, AWS, Firebase, Postgres, MongoDB

CMS: Wordpress